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For Sale or Trade: 96 Dolphin Pro 1 - 5str. Nt C.s. Fretless -

Discussion in 'For Sale: Basses' started by lucales, Mar 13, 2018.

By lucales on Mar 13, 2018 at 12:42 PM
  1. lucales


    Apr 3, 2015
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    Brittany, France
    Hello Everyone,

    I made my decision after a looong hesitation time,
    but now's the time.

    I do not play this instrument as it deserve, because I am defenitely a 4 string guy. (I am looking for a '89-'90 4 string Dolphin pro 1) and I can not bear to see such a great bass unplayed.

    for Sale :

    1996 Fretless 5-strings Custom-Shop NT DOLPHIN pro I

    (you can notice the "dolphin" color theme... very classy hmmm ? ... no ?.... ok. )

    unique piece, originally custom made for a famous italian bass player in 1996 ; Ares Tavolazzi
    the bass was not natural finished, but with a black-to-red sunburst.

    - After years of gigs I think, the finition was very very used and tired.
    Hopefully the bass itself, the neck, the PUps and electronics, everything is in MINT condition. (fretboard has been planified)
    I used to be luthier, so when I bought it I made my best to restaure this wondeful bass, and I followed every steps & tools needed to make this bass become a real 90's Dolphin.
    I must say that I did not hope a so great result, the wood is simply amazing, the neck is terribly easy to play (sooo fassstt) and great to play long repetiting riffs with no hand harms.
    (Mr Hans Peter himself approuved ^^)
    you can find the old thread here

    - I never toured, or giged with this bass: played only at home, and for a few recording sessions
    (you can hear on Steve SHEHAN's last albums, Mahmoud AHMED, Brian McCombe, and others...)
    as I said : mint condition, neck excellent, action low, electronic clean with 0 hum .... nothing bad on this bass.
    Every part is genuine, except the finition, as I explained.

    here are the specs :

    -- 5 strings (17 to 20mm spacing)
    -- Boiré body
    -- Wengé/Ovangkol Neck
    -- LEDS (green/red) just need 3 x 9v batteries (I bought USB charging 9v batteries , you can find easily on any famous marketplace)
    -- Ebony fretboard, no dolphin inlays, fretlines -invisible for the audience ; they see a cello-like fretboard- (very helpful ; with leds it's a perfect combination for tone).
    you can easily find it on usual marketplaces.)
    -- 2 Bartolini soapbar, Bartolini elec (9v)
    -- Chrome hardware
    -- Warwick Straplocks

    the only thing in bad condition is the 3x9v batteries cover plate for Leds ;
    it can be fixed, can be bought on shop.warwick.de for a few or (what I was preparing) you can easily make a new one with a piece of wood (I can provide you a piece of Wenge).

    price : (3500 euros) ==> 2500 for a while,
    (I need 2500 to buy my GAS ; as soon as I buy it, this Dolphin will returnn to normal price)

    bass in FRANCE but can be sent in EU easily, in very good conditions (fast and security) ,
    (USA and others : we can discuss)
    you can ask to several members : I do it with precaution and on time (except on xmas time , isn't it DiMarco ?? :D )
    for more information : just ask :)


    leds and action details :


    to end this thread,
    I just want to explain that I planned to put frets on this bass.
    as I told before, I used to be luthier, and the one I work with is a Great one.
    this bass could be a very good fretted one too, if needed. (I contacted Hans Peter WILFER about the dolphin inlays, and it is possible to purchase some.)

    there it is ,
    I think I told you everything,
    if you need more informations, pics or anything : just ask :)

    cheers everyone !
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Discussion in 'For Sale: Basses' started by lucales, Mar 13, 2018.

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