For Sale: 2005 5nt Dolphin Pro 1

Discussion in 'For Sale: Basses' started by lucales, Nov 26, 2017.

By lucales on Nov 26, 2017 at 6:19 PM
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    Brittany, France
    Hello everybody

    for some of you who knows a little about me, I'm back here after a long time... a long period of sickness...
    and I'm happy to come back, into music (my profession) and everything about it .

    I'll have to prepare an EU tour beginning summer 2018, and several other projects
    I've got quite a lot of Basses at home, some I play with , and some I love so much that I cannot imagine to be separated of.... :)
    I can say I love every bass I own, BUT I need to sell some of them...
    to be able to finance my project,
    and because (and this is the main reason) I hate to see beautiful and great instruments no played.

    the first one is a bass I loved (so much) to play with, and record several tunes.
    a 2005 5string Dolphin Pro 1,
    custom model just because the guy who I bought it, and purchased it, wanted a thinner neck, just like the 1990's model were.

    the specs are normal without this detail :
    ovangkol, NT model, 2 bands electronic (push pull 1: blend, volume, boost / push pull 2 : bass, treble, passive-active)
    MEC picks : double JB on Bridge, JB on neck. (the gold MEC signature is now gone by time, I must say I prefere without.... matter of taste ^^)
    5 strings.... gold hardware + strap locks..
    strings are Elixir Nanoweb Med (great condition too)

    enormous Growl, terrible sound, and incredible versatility .... a great Dolphin.
    for more information just ask :)

    Bass in VERY GOOD condition... (just a little point under the Bass/Treble button. Nothing hudge, if necessary a luthier can easily erase it for a few bucks )
    The former owner, who purchased it to Warwick Custom Shop never played out of home during 10 years,
    ( he payed it 5000+ euros and he did not like this bass ! ....)
    and the 2-3 years I owned it , I never toured with it, just played at home, studio, and good conditions gigs....
    the bass just have been cleaned and adjusted by my luthier.

    I just like to sell it the price I paid : 2500 euros
    of course every proposition is welcome,
    just now that I am not in need of money, and the only reason I sell this beauty is because I own the same model , but a 1989 one.

    I can ship the bass,
    can propose a hard case (differents models, Warwick or not...)
    once again , just ask :)

    waiting to read you,

    pics :
    I tied to do the best I can , but I'm not a pro :(
    obviously, this bass is muuuch more beautiful in real than here.... I think you all know that :)

    on the 2nd one, you can see the point under the B/T button...
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Discussion in 'For Sale: Basses' started by lucales, Nov 26, 2017.

    1. DemBoneZ
      Awesome to see you again !
      This bass reminds me of my old one ! One of the best basses i have ever played and owned,
      Good luck with the recovery (hope nothing too serious!)
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    2. lucales
      thanks Dem :)
      happy to see you all again !
      .... it was serious... but now that's ok, music helped me a lot during this hard time :)

      you're right, that's an amazing bass, and if I had not a 89 one, and more than 20 basses at home, I'd never sold it :)

      PS: I posted new pics, with a neck profile. I hope they are good enough
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    3. Dazed
      Great to see you back in good health and doing what you love Charles!

      Ps. Please remember me if you come to sell 'our' fretless 5 ;) :D
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    4. tonespeak

      Is this bass still available?
      If it is why hasn't it sold yet?
      What is your bottom line price including shipping?
      I am located in Los Angeles, CA 91364

      Please let me know.


    5. lucales

      Sorry for the delay I was on tour

      Bass still availablr
      PM tomorrow ( in a few hours)

    6. lucales
      Sorry for double post :(

      The bass is still available because this is the only place where I made a advertisement
      I love people here and I'd prefer that one of us gets it :)

      I was on tour, and did not have time until now to made some other ads (mainly in France)
      This is the main reason.

      You can MP me for the price , and more informations.
      I can send it in US ( I inow how to make a very good and secure shipping box, I did it several times ;) m
      But please can you look for details (shipping price, taxes....)
      Cause I have so much work
      With all that we'll be able to talk about the price

      Thanks for reading
      And I hope we'll find something good for both of us

      Ps : today I post new ads in several forums...
      And please forgive my aproximative english :) I do my best

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    7. DemBoneZ
      Great English!
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